Friday, July 22, 2011

[NEWS] Miss Venezuela 2011 Finalist - 20 of the 24 candidates

Miss Venezuela 2011, the 59th Miss Venezuela pageant, will be held at Estudio 1 in Venevisión, Caracas, in October 15, 2011.
The show will be broadcasted live from Venevision and it will be watched simultaneously from Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru , and it will be hosted by Daniela Kosan and Leonardo Villalobos. Vanessa Goncalves, Miss Venezuela 2010 will crown her successor.
At the same time Ivian Sarcos Miss Venezuela Mundo 2010, Caroline Medina Miss Venezuela Tierra 2010, and Jessica Barboza Miss Venezuela Internacional 2011 will crown their successor respectively at the end Of the event.
Miss Venezuela 2011, National Beauty Pageants, finalists

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