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[Profiles] Disney Star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle profile,biogaphy

Disney Star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle

Full Name: Anna Maria Francesca Perez de Tagle
Date of Birth: 23rd December 1990
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, USA
Height: 5' 2" / 1.57 m
Weight: 97
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Voice Type: Soprano
Work History: Internet, Theater, Hosting, Singing, Commercial, Voice Over, Film, Industrial, Television
Dance: Disco, Hip Hop
Musical Instruments: Piano
Accents: French, British, Italian
Athletic Skills: Swimming, Snow Skiing
Performance Skills: Comedian, Dancing, Host, Voiceover, Singing
Commercials: California Lottery
Commercials Prints: The Gap, Old Navy, Mervyn's, Levi's
Favourite TV shows: Lizzie McGuire, So Little Time, Friends, 7th Heaven
Favourite Drinks: Gatorade, soda, water, juice
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Favourite Singers/Bands: Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys
Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron
Siblings: 2 brothers
Born in San Francisco California, Anna Maria developed her love for theater and began training in singing, dancing and acting.

She always loved performing in front of the camera and on stage, starring in regional productions of "Cinderella" "Bugsy Malone" and "The King and I." She kept busy by modeling for several catalogues, including Macy's and Mervyns and was a junior finalist for "Star Search 2". After begging her parents to let her audition, Anna Maria booked her 1st audition, winning a role on Disney's hit "Hannah Montana," so her family packed up and moved to Hollywood. Anna Maria plays Ashley Dewitt, a ditsy fashionista who has no idea that her nemesis, Miley, is really her favorite performer, Hannah Montana.

Since hitting Los Angeles, this beauty has graced the small screen numerous times with roles in "Bee Season," CBS's morning show "Cake" and "Just Jordan," as well as the voice of Martha, the Safety Patrol Kid in "Higglytown Heroes."

Anna Maria can be seen in Disney's upcoming hit, "Camp Rock" starring as Ella, a lip-gloss obsessed mean girly girl who makes an unlikely transformation. This television feature is due out in June. Anna Maria lives in Los Angeles with her 2 brothers. She enjoys working with the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and on her free time, likes to design and make her own clothes, as well as snow ski, dance, sing, play the piano and read.

A Forgotten Innocence (2009) .... Alyssa

Bleachers (2008) .... Amber

Camp Rock (2008) .... Ella

Bee Season (2005) .... Bee Season #1

TV Shows
Who Shrunk Daniel Funk .... Robin (pilot)

Higglytown Heroes" .... Safety Patrol Member Hero (1 episode, 2008)
"Wayne's Toasty Invention/Spell It Safe"

Just Jordan .... Veronica (1 episode, 2007)
"Slippery When Wet"

Cake .... Miracle Ross (13 episodes, 2006)
"Miracle on Ice"
"Not Your Mama's Piggy Bank"
"You Tell Her"
"The Write Inspiration"
"Baby Blues"
"Makin' Up is Hard to Do"
"A Cake Walk"
"Snack Attack"
"Second Hand Woes"

Hannah Montana .... Ashley Dewitt (12 episodes, 2006-2007)
"Lily Do You Want to Know A Secret?"
"The Idol Side of Me"
"It's A Mannequin's World"
"Mascot Love"
"Ooh Ooo Itchy Woman"
"Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free"
"New Kid In School" "Good Golly Miss Dolly"
"You Are So Sue-able To Me"
"When You Wish You Were The Star"
"Achey Jakey Heart"
"Song Sung Bad"
"I’m very close to my grandma—she’s quite the icon in the Philippines. She taught me my first Filipino song 'Bahay Kubo'. Whenever she’s on stage she says ‘Oh my apo, she’s following in my footsteps,’ and I can’t disagree. When it comes to singing and acting, I owe it all to her."

"My parents say I can’t date until I’m 30! They always make me have a chaperone—my older brother’s always there. But he’s a cool brother, he’s not like one of those brothers who’s behind my back everywhere I go."

"I can’t go out past 11 [p.m.] or anything like that."

"I hope to be somebody like Reese Witherspoon. She’s just an inspiration to me. I’ve followed her career, and how she started very young but she’s still down to earth. I think that she’s a very versatile actress. She does many roles and she’s very convincing."

"Christina Aguilera is one of my idols for music inspiration and everything."

"I think that coming into the business, you kind of know that you’re going to be a role model for kids and I love it. [...] I think that’s the whole point of being in the business. You're always going to be a role model to somebody.

"It’s kind of sad to see them but once all the Disney Channel stars go into their room, it’s like they have a complete transformation. They go from really sick and sad, but when they see us, they get big smiles on their faces and it’s really humbling, very heartwarming for us. Sometimes we sign autographs for them or sometimes we’ll play video games with them. I know that me and Jason Dolley, and Maiara Walsh, we got to play guitar hero with some of the kids and it was fun." [on doing Children's Hospitals visits]

"Sometimes kids even think I’m mean because I play a mean girl on Hannah Montana, but I explain to them that it’s just acting. But I definitely love my fans!"

"It really hurt her inside. She didn't know that people would look at it like that." [on Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photo controversity]

"The Jonas Brothers are amazing. They're very humble and down to earth. They're professionals, just like you'd imagine."

"I enjoy every moment working with [Miley], it's so amazing. We're actually really good friends, and what you see on TV is truly acting. But it's always fun to play rivals!"

"My character [in Camp Rock] is a girly-girl and she's obsessed with lip-gloss and her hair, shoes, and clothes. I'm a fashionista too."

“I think just because Ella is kind of like Ashley DeWitt from Hannah [Montana]. And so it was kind of like I knew how to play this part. I didn’t have to go through many auditions.” [on why she likes playing Ella on Camp Rock]

"We had so much fun working with the whole cast, we had a blast and we really rocked!"

"[Camp Rock] will show kids that if you really like what you’re doing, or if you know you have talent, then it shows that you don’t have to be in a shell, just gain your confidence."

"[My acting career] all kind of originated from when I appeared on Star Search and I was junior finalist. From there, I got an agent, and then modeling, and then commercial and print work here and there. Then my agent called and said, 'Why don’t you try out for this pilot called Hannah Montana?', and I was like 'Ok, whatever'. So I went to do it."

"I originally lived in San Jose and went back and forth from LA [to audition]. [When I got the role in Hannah Montana] Disney called and said, "You should really move to LA". I literally packed my bags and the next day I moved to LA. It was very fortunate, because my dad’s work was alos moved to LA, so it was perfect."

"I’m really happy where I am and I love being in the Disney family."

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