Saturday, July 23, 2011

[TV Show] Pretty Little Liars - ABC Family- Aria Montgomery

                                                Lean, with jet black dark hair, and pouty lips, Aria used to be Rosewood's resident weird girl—but that was before a trip to Iceland did her a world of good. It seems sometimes you have to leave your hometown to realize that you're not weird, just different.

Aria is artsy and imaginative, with hipster style, and a passion for knitting and writing. But, unfortunately for her, when Aria blossomed in Iceland, her deepest, darkest secrets didn't wither away as she'd hoped they would. The ugly truth is out there, and it's going to catch up with her.

Distinctive feature: Wide-set dark brown eyes

Known for: Being anti-Rosewood, making short films, and knitting

Favorite things: Coffee imported from Iceland, French films, literature, and Pigtunia

Biggest regret: Keeping her father's affair from her mom

Worst offense: Withholding evidence from the police.


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