Friday, August 19, 2011

Pedestrians flee as dustcart ploughs into line of stationary traffic on Glasgow street... but don't worry, it's just filming for Brad Pitt's new zombi


Driving Hollywood-style: Extras flee as a dustcart ploughs through the streets of Glasgow for zombie thriller World War Z

Glasgow has unkindly been described as looking like a war zone in the past, but today it became a reality thanks to the filming of Brad Pitt's new film.

Transformed to look like the streets of Philadelphia for zombie thriller World War Z, the crew staged an incredible crash sequence featuring a dustcart and dozens of stationary cabs resulting in a policeman going flying through the air.

The scene helps tell the story of a post-apocalyptic world where humans are forced to fight zombies in a desperate battle for survival.

Get out the way: The modified dustcart is targeted by police, left, as it smashes it way through cars

you better run! Crew beat a hasty retreat during filming in Glasgow

Glasgow is the latest city to undergo an amazing transformation thanks to the new zombie thriller.

Workers have so far managed to transform Valletta, in Malta, and Falmouth, in Cornwall, into a world dealing with the aftermath of a global zombie war for the same film.

Not a pretty sight: Zombie dummies are stacked in a trailer at the set

A threat?: How will Angelina Jolie react to Brad's close working relationship with the pretty lady?

In other pictures taken on the set of the movie, Brad, 47, is seen taking a break from filming accompanied by the pretty brunette who is likely to be a set manager.

Of course, his partner Angelina Jolie will have little to worry about - the dynamic between the actor and his on-set companion is nothing more than a professional working relationship.

However her beauty could well cause a slight bit of jealousy on Angelina's part, which is only natural for any man or woman whose partner works closely with an attractive member of the opposite sex.

source: dailymail

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