Friday, August 19, 2011

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Day two and the clothes are already off - Tara Reid, Amy Childs and Kerry Katona battle for best bikini body

By Alanah Eriksen

It's not the sunniest day today - but that didn't stop the Celebrity Big Brother babes stripping off.

The battle for the best bikini body began with American Pie actress Tara Reid the first to don a two-piece.

The 35-year-old sat in a sparkly blue swimsuit as she chatted poolside with a covered-up Kerry Katona, former Coronation Street actor Lucien Laviscount and model Bobby Sable.

Attention-grabber: Tara Reid, 35, showed off her amazing bikini body today in this shiny blue two-piece

Also joining the group was redheaded bombshell Amy Childs, 21, donning a pink and white striped bikini.

But their amazing figures weren't the only thing the girls revealed.

Not your type? Amy told Kerry Katona that she didn't fancy male model Bobby Sabel and she was 'fussy' when it came to men

Amy admitted in the sauna that she thought former Coronation street star Lucien Laviscount wad a 'good body' but he was too young for her at 19

Former Only way Is Essex star Amy joined a now-bikini-clad Kerry, 30, in the sauna, for an old-fashioned girly gossip.

She boldly asked the mother-of-four, who recently split with Take Me Out contestant Dan Foden, is she 'had a new man', to which Kerry replied 'I'm done with men'.

But Amy wouldn't let up, saying: 'No fitties in here for you? What about Bobby?'

New bod: Tara admitted in 2006 she had had liposuction and a breast augmentation which 'went wrong' but has since had it fixed

Look at me: Tara showed off her double-jointed thumb to Amy Childs, Lucien Laviscount, Bobby Sabel and Kerry Katona

Kerry said she though the model was too young for her at 25.

Amy said she was single but was quick to add: 'He's got a good body though doesn't he, what's his name, Lu,' referring to Lucien.

But she also said she thought he was too young for her at 19.

Kerry swooned: 'Yeah he's sweet, don't you fancy him? He's gorgeous, I think he's dead handsome.'

And there doesn't appear to be any cattyness among the three bikini-clad women, with Kerry saying

Girly Gossip: Kerry lounges back in the house sauna as the girls discuss the men in the house

Kerry put a stop to any rumours she was dating anyone when she told Amy she was single and that she was 'off men'

Tara was 'down to earth, not what I expected'.

Tara may have been less willing to show off her body a few years ago after botched plastic surgery.

The 35-year-old, who got married to Bulgarian financier Zachary Kehayo last week, admitted in an interview in 2006 that she had had liposuction on her stomach and a breast augmentation.

But it left her with bulges on her stomach and bumps on her breasts.

Dead gorgeous: The girls' mouths dropped when they caught a glimpse of a topless Lucien as he worked out in the house gym

Ripped: Lucien showed off his muscles as he worked out with weights in front of the mirror

Chilled out: Lucien relaxed on a sun lounger in the backyard of the house after having a work out

She said the surgery 'went wrong' but told how she had had it because her breasts were uneven and she wanted a six pack for a new movie role.

'Right after the surgery I had some bumps along the edges of my nipples, but the doctor said, 'Don't worry, it's going to be better.' But after six months it started to get worse and worse.'

Tara had another operation to correct the surgery and had more liposuction in hopes to even out her stomach.

Like chalk and cheese: Male model Bobby Sabel showed off his six-pack while a fuller-figured Darryn Lyons looked on

Eyes away! A newly-married Tara Reid trys to contain herself next to Bobby as they sweat it out in the sauna

Kerry stunned Tara today as they sat on sun loungers, chatting about their weird talents.

She asked some of the housemates: 'Do you want to see how long my tongue is? before poking out her tongue really slowly, which Amy found hilarious.

She said: 'It keeps going longer, Kezza... That's so scary.'

A baffled Tara asked: 'How do you practice this?' before revealing her own freaky talent.

'I have one trick I can do,' she said.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Amy showed off in a pink and white striped bikini while sitting next to Lucien Laviscount

Luxury pad: Male model Bobby Sabel, 25, looked relaxed as he lay on a lounger in the Celebrity Big Brother house

'But it's not really good like that. It's just my thumb. It's double jointed... it goes all the way back like that.'

Bobby was also seen shirtless today, reclining on a chair in a pair of red swimming trunks.

Earlier, Jedward twins, aka John and Edward Grimes, had an early morning swim in the pool at the luxury pad, based in Elstree, Hertfordshire.

They wore matching striped trunks and managed to keep their trademark coiffed hair upright.

Jedward twins, aka John and Edward Grimes, had an early morning swim in the pool at the luxury pad, wearing matching striped trunks


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